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Wild horses couldn’t drag me away. But these might.

Kelley and I headed down to a section of Manassas, VA in the heart of tick country to check out a horse farm and some potential equine co-stars for the pilot. We met three massive draught horses named Delilah, Gunny, and Lexi. The pictures don’t do justice to how absolutely huge these guys are in person. Kelley and I were like a pair of fourth graders on a field trip. We also met two white Arab horses, Dahara and Atali. Funny enough, they’re a little snobby and don’t care to muck in with a lot of the other horses. They struck me as the Targaryens of the farm.

We’d love to have these beautiful animals be part of the production and it’s all down to a successful Kickstarter campaign. So help us give these guys their acting debuts.

Posted on: 19 Jul 2012
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A Plethora of Podcasts

Well, not quite a plethora just yet, but we were fortunate enough to be featured on two podcasts so far, most recently on Movie Geeks United, one of the most popular movie-themed podcasts on the internet and iTunes with a listening audience of over 2.8 million. See below for the episode or click here to listen now.

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We were also interviewed about the casting of The Broken Continent on the local The Tohubohu Producer Podcast, which you can find here.

Posted on: 09 Jul 2012
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