About The Broken Continent


“What Relios has put asunder, I shall make whole.”
Eadwyn Redway, King, Tiar Visen and Tiar Lamarin

The great continent of Elyrion was the center of the world’s culture and knowledge. The Elyrien held a mastery over magic that was the envy of all others, and nowhere was that mastery more complete than in the capital city of Ars Exilior. For millennia, the Elyrien prospered under the favor of the True God, Relios. But these idyllic times were not to last.

Demarien, the fifty-fifth King of Elyrion, possessed a power over magic as yet unseen. Legends hold that Demarien the Unchallenged could bring the dead back to life. The Sorcerer King’s might led him to proclaim himself a god.

In anger at this blasphemy, Relios struck at the center of Ars Exilior, breaking the continent of Elyrion into five pieces, which would become known as the Heart, the Blade, the Crown, the Eye, and the Fist. The Five Shards of Elyrion plunged into an age of darkness in the wake of The Fracture. Neither Relios nor Demarien were to be heard from henceforth. Over the centuries, foreign invaders raided, pillaged, and occupied the once proud lands now known as “The Broken Continent.”

It would take thousands of years for the Elyrien to drive the last of these invaders from their shores. Five nations rose from the ashes of Elyrion, the greatest residing on the Heart, home to the ruins of Ars Exilior.

Some three millennia after The Fracture, Eadwyn Redway is the King of the Heart and the Blade. His father, Ardwyn the Great, defeated the upstart King Selgren from the Blade and unified the rule over both lands. Seeking to surpass his father, Eadwyn looks to conquer the remaining three Shards. Not all share Eadwyn’s ambitions, however, and some have risen up to oppose him.

Among those who oppose Eadwyn’s desires of conquest are the Daughters of Tairol. For centuries upon centuries, the Daughters have defended Ironleaf Forest in the name of the god Tairol. They have offered refuge to those who flee from the horrors of war. In the midst of Eadwyn’s ruthless campaign, the Daughters are overwhelmed by widows and orphans seeking the Forest’s protection. Though they are reluctant to embrace it, the Daughters accept the difficult truth that Eadwyn the Wicked must be stopped.

The Broken Continent’s pilot episodes were filmed in locations in Bowie, Maryland and Middleburg, Virginia.